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Annie Conn

Luna Tierra is were all my passions have come together.  I have always loved horses. I was lucky. I owned my own horse and got to ride a large pony hunter named Mechi, for Pinewood Farms. We showed on the “A” circuit  Hunter  / Jumper shows in Florida growing up. But childhoods end, I became an artist  explored my other interests, working in photography,  film and TV. But my passion for horses never wained. When I had the opportunity to focus my eye on horse again I took it. I worked and learned with multiple trainers and eventually acquired my own property and build my own facility. I rescued  several horses from bad situations, all being Andalusian descent and  with one path leading to another I discovered Working Equitation.


The creation of Luna Tierra

About ten years ago, my partner and I started talking about getting a property and creating a community. We searched much of the west coast. We seriously considered settling in Oregon, but I was still teaching at the time, in the city, so Portland was too far away. One day in Russian River we found a promising real estate agent and registered with her. She sent us links from time to time and one day this property on Helman Lane popped up.  We hadn’t even known this whole pocket of land existed. With the help of some friends, and a lot of sweat equity, we built the arena and the barn, and then we started getting boarders. The next step was to get a trainer working on the ranch, and attract some talented riders.


Luna Tierra now

Annie continues, “It's a magical mix. I have people who want to learn--and people who want to teach and learn at the same time. We’re teachers sharing new disciplines and methods. It’s what I’m passionate about--what we’re passionate about--learning from each other.”

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